Kitchen Garden update- part 1

“A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them”. Liberty Hyde Bailey
Welcome to my kitchen garden. Two weeks ago I wrote about “My Kitchen garden” for the first time in Momwisdomweb. Okra, Avocado, Garlic, Mint, Basil, celery, and Coriander are growing at the same pace. Tomatoes and Potatoes are showing great progress. I have also added some new member to our garden family. Let us visit them ..



Seeing my tomatoes every morning gives me immense happiness. I am so happy with the way they are growing. Seems like they can feel my love. I water them minimum two times a day no matter how busy I am. They are like my kid. Look how fast this child is growing. It 5 feet tall now. The yellow flowers are all grown and transformed into green balls.


Potatoes are growing very well so far but I have a feeling someones eating my plant. Seems like a bug, I guess I have to take some action to prevent further damage.


Gifts of my garden

Apart from having direct access to fresh basil and mint leaves on a daily basis, my garden is also giving us a good supply of kale. I pluck 2-3 fresh kale leaves every alternate day and add them to our meals.


Can you spot the red tomato hiding in the branches? Also, can you see the small red potato? There is a pea pod as well in the picture. Green tomatoes are being painted red by mother nature. My curiosity pulled one baby potato out of the soil. Although its summer, the pea plant is still producing the last batch. As far as I know, if I don’t protect them well, it might die in the heat. I am planning to get some shades to protect my plants. Even my coriander plant is getting down day by day with the increasing heat. Mint is the only plant I guess withstanding strong in all the weather conditions.



I dump my kitchen scrap directly on the soil of my garden. During summer season I just dump organic waste directly on the ground. I know this is not a great way of composting. Somehow part of me is not ok with adding compost inside the soil and increasing the growth and development of bug. I believe in non-violence, being kind to every living being. Only I know the amount of strength I gather to use pesticide, especially the ones that help in getting rid of the snail. The next day all I see is the dead snail on the ground.That is the reason dumping compost on the ground satisfies me by reducing my kitchen waste and the sun makes sure not too many good or bad bugs develop.

New Plantation

“Working with plants, trees, fences and walls, if they practice sincerely they will attain enlightenment“.- Dogen

I have planted ginger, onions, carrot and capsicum in my backyard. I had grown all of them myself. Ginger and onions were dug directly into the ground, the carrot plant came out from the top, honey melon and capsicum were grown with their seed.



Prices of Ginger in my area have almost been double. In my last grocery bill I spent 10$ only on ginger, it is then I decide I have to plant ginger. I was lucky enough to found ginger with bud and planted them in a pot filled with potting mix soil. Can you a small green dot above in the picture. These are ginger leaves coming out from the soil.


I found few leaves sprouting from two onion in my panty. I planted them directly in the garden soil. Hoping to harvest some spring onions soon!!!

Carrot, Capsicum, Honey melon

Growing carrot was just a successful experiment. I had planted the carrot top a few weeks ago directly in the garden. I was not expecting much and viola in no time it turned into a pant. Honey and capsicum were grown by planting the seed into the potting mix. I had kept them indoor so far. They were placed outside only when I felt they are big enough to withstand the conditions outside.

I will continue updating about my plants progress in my next garden blog. Till then let me know what are you growing in your garden?


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